Marketing Like It’s 2017

Credit: Impossible Foods

You’ve probably heard of the Impossible Burger, the plant-based burger patty that looks, feels and tastes like real beef.

Maybe you’ve seen it on Facebook. Perhaps in a video made by Quartz, Tasty or WIRED. Three videos that alone have been viewed more than 7,200,000 times. And maybe you’re one of close to 30,000 people who shared it with their friends.

Or maybe you read one of the dozen articles that were written about Impossible Burger in the past week alone, by the likes of Chicago Tribune, Eater and The Harvard Crimson.

And maybe you became interested, and made one of the 140,000 Google searches(1) that were made for Impossible Burger last month.

The Impossible Burger has been around for less than a year. It’s only sold at 67 locations. And yet, you’ve probably heard of it. Along with millions of other people.

That used to take a Super Bowl ad to achieve. But in 2017 there is a better marketing strategy: a truly revolutionizing and genuinely interesting product.

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(1) Number of searches for “impossible burger” and “impossible foods” in August 2017 (Google Keyword Planner)